Getting Back On Tracks

Hi Everyone !
Like you can see i change my Layout ,Header and Profile today, i hope you'll like it.
I finished my exams yesterday which means i'm officially in VACATION for two months!
I start making icons again and i have to make a couple of banners for people so hopefully i'll have something to post pretty soon...


Mood Themes

Hello everyone !
I'm finally back with new stuffs, school is ending Wednesday which means i'll have time to post a few things and do a header, maybe ?!
I made two mood themes for myself and i thought i could share them with you...
Special hug to all RP, i hope everyone is doing well !

Rules :

* Don't change or steal
* Credit if use
* Comments are <3 (i really would love to know if i should continue or not )
most of all ...
* Enjoy !

Mood Theme n°1 : The Fountain
42 icons

Mood Theme Roswell : Dreamer
50 icons

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Icons + Wallpaper

I've been really busy this last couple of weeks but i finally managed to do some art so here some new icons and a wallpaper :).

Icons :

*Don't change or steal
*Credit if you use
*Comments are love
most of all...
*Enjoy !

_Audrey Tautou {1 to 21}
_Sarah Michelle Gellar {1 to 9}
_Spuffy {1 to 11}

Wallpaper :

Preview :

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First thing First

Hi everyone, my name is Eva (you can call me that if you want, it's quicker ;) ). I love looking at digital art, doing some and exchanging tips and tricks about it. Basically i started doing art 1 year ago for banners at the RoswellFanatics forum and since then i've made Wallpapers, signatures and icons. I'm always learning and i appreciate comments and constructive critiques which help me continue & improve.

_Credit if you use.
_Don't claim as yours or change it.