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...Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais et tes larmes ne pourront rien changer...

Hey everyone, new arts are in the air !
All the icons and banners are new. I made the wallpaper a couple of months ago and some of you might know it but i thought i could share it on my lj as well.
Hope you'll enjoy :)

Here is the banner i was talking about in my previous post which helped me make some dreamer icons... Click for real size...

Real Size



...No direct linking...
...text less icons aren't bases...
...Don't steal or modify...
...Comments are <3...
...i'd like to know what you're taking - just so i know what you liked ;) ...
...Credit if you use...
Most of all

...Feel Free to friend me if you like my work...

001-016 : The Killers
017-044 : Into The Wild
045-070 : BTVS
071-082 : Roswell


{Banner/Friends Only}

001-006 : Into The Wild


001 : BTVS
...Take me to the place where the white boys dance. Take me to the place where they run and play. My baby is gone, you might have a chance. Just take me to the place where the white boys dance...Collapse )
Tags: !banner : into the wild, !icon : btvs, !icon : candy, !icon : dreamer, !icon : into the wild, !icon : spuffy, !icon : the killers, !wallpaper : spuffy

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