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...Et je te rappelles notre amour est éternel et pas artificiel...

Tada ! I'm back with a new layout, header AND icons ! I wasn't suppose to change of layout and header so soon but i saw this layout and i just wanted to have it. Anyway, it's better for me because i had some issues with the size of the previous one. Now as for the icons, i'm not completely satisfied with them but it was better to post than to delete them.

New Header :
Another one of my favorite Dreamer moments, they really had some chemistry ^^
Hope you'll like it !

Layout credit: sanaazzy



...No direct linking...
...Text less icons aren't bases...
...Don't steal or modify...
...Comments are <3...
...I'd like to know what you're taking...
...Credit if you use...
Most of all

...Feel Free to friend me if you like my work...

001-016 : Hugh Jackman (The Fountain)
017-29 : Emilie de Ravin (Lost & Photoshoot)
030-82 : Roswell (Candy & Dreamer centered )


Hugh Jackman
The Fountain





Emilie de Ravin
Lost & Photoshoot




Heat Wave (MM) - The Convention(MM) - Sexual Healing(ML) - Promo(ML)









{ 61-62-63-64}

{ 65-66-67-68}


{ 72-73-74-75}

{ 76-77-78-79}

{ 80-81-82}

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